From Theme Park shows to elaborate Cruise Line entertainment, our experience is defined by our expertise. We surround ourselves with passionate artisans, performers, and technicians whose drive, talent, and heart deliver hit after hit! All the world’s a stage, and that’s a catalyst for sparking extraordinary results. Live entertainment excites us, and it’s what we value most. 


A million moving pieces and parts go into every show and event, and often, it is the minutia that makes or breaks a project. While breathtaking entertainment is what we deliver, the process is anything but dramatic. From budgets and infrastructure to contracts and equipment, we strive to make every production as simple as possible, even on the most complex projects. We achieve this through a talented network of partners and an ardent commitment to effective communication.


Our team is organized to effectively support most any aspect of production. From casting, to staffing, to logistical solutions, our group's attention to detail will allow your company to focus on the project at hand. 


With a customized Special Event, clients often don’t have the luxury of time. Not only do you have to bring a project from blue sky to curtain in a limited development period, you also have a smaller window in which to impress your audience. We are experts in efficiency, from concept to creation to delivery. From Grand Openings to one-off celebrations, we create impactful experiences that are instantly memorable.